About us!

Witter GmbH connects!

"Supply and Demand - Demand and Supply!"

We see ourselves as a service provider, both for manufacturers and for our customers!

We are also happy to be your contact for manufacturers who are looking for access to our customers and markets with new innovative products!

We offer the trade attractive assortment and promotional items from the product areas multimedia, IT, telecommunications, consumer electronics and home appliances!


Witter GmbH has many years of excellent national and international supply relationships with the most renowned specialist retailer cooperations, department stores, discounters and online retailers.

Witter GmbH is an owner-managed company founded in 1994!


Witter GmbH

Hofweg 12

94513 Schönberg


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E-Mail: mail@witter-gmbh.de


Service & Logistic

Witter GmbH

Elsenthal 51

94481 Grafenau


Tel: +49 8552 9732237

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E-Mail: service@witter-gmbh.de